The GreenPoint initiative aims at creating a new environmental figure for the metal sector, especially SMEs with low-qualified workers, in order to foster a green culture in the sector and provide a qualified staff, able to deal with the environmental performance of the enterprises.

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The GreenPoint Project public deliverables will be the following.

D1.1 Survey on the environmental kills needed by the metal workers (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D1.2 Report on the need Assessment

D2.1 GreenPoint Qualification Standard (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D5.1 Report on GreenPoint Efficiency and Achievements (EN)

D6.1 Dissemination Action Plan (EN)

D6.2 GreenPoint Website: (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D6.3 GreenPoint Press Pack (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D6.4 GreenPoint EU Conference (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D6.5 Policy recommendation report (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D7.1 GreenPoint Club (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D7.2 GreenPoint Company Label and GreenPoint Certificate (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D9.1 Public Reports (EN)

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